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If you didn’t migrate somewhere warmer this winter, we hope you have stayed warm and enjoyed the crispness of the Bay air. The good news is that we have begun our countdown to Memorial Day, which means we are officially on the downhill slope to the 2022 boating season.

Our team has been incredibly busy at Ferry Point, making huge improvements to the property. We will post pictures as we go, so be sure to follow us on Facebook @atlanticmarinas. Remember, if you are a member at one marina, you are a member at all three.

Here are a few reminders to protect your boat through these chilly days and nights:

  • Boat in water: Check on your boat routinely throughout the winter to ensure there is no water intrusion and it’s tied up correctly. Winter tides can be extreme, as already evidenced in the past few months. It’s common to use more spring lines over the winter to accommodate the increased tide range while still making sure the boat is secure in the slip.
  • Hauled Out: We encourage owners to remain vigilant through the winter checking for leaking hatches and ensuring the cover or shrink-wrap is still secure. Should a water intrusion on the deck occur, boats can “sink” on land if they don’t have a drain plug (or if the plug wasn’t pulled) because the engine compartment can fill up with water, submerging the engines just as though it had sunk in the water. The Atlantic Marinas Team regularly walks the yard to ensure everything is in order, but we don’t climb on boats or open engine hatches, so this is something that could go unnoticed until spring if boat owners aren’t checking in. Please also remember that a “plugged-in” boat cannot be left unattended and please do not attach anything to jack-stands.

Launch dates are right around the corner, let the countdown begin. We can’t wait to return to our usual bustling life at Atlantic Marinas!

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