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The dog days of summer have officially arrived in Maryland. And the sweltering heat and the slow idle approach to your dock have everyone on board considering jumping in to find relief. While we don’t recommend that [for safety] as depths around docks are minimal, the Atlantic Marinas’ team does recommend a mid-season short haul.

But what is a short haul?
A short haul is when your boat is lifted out of the water and kept in slings for minor service work. In some cases, your boat may be placed on blocks in the marina yard and supported with jack stands if more intensive service work is needed. This service is only available at marinas with travelifts like those at Atlantic Marinas, which can hold up to 25 tons.

Why is a mid-season short haul important?
There are quite a few reasons why you should consider doing a mid-season short haul which we list in detail below but in short: to prolong the longevity of your boat.

1. Bottom check – It’s no secret the Chesapeake Bay and its many rivers have a lot of floating debris that can cause damage to your boat’s bottom, running gear and propeller. Pulling the boat out of the water via short haul allows you to assess any damage before it becomes a bigger (and more expensive) problem.

2. Power washing – If your boat spends a lot of its time in warmer, shallower water, you may find scum and barnacles on the hull. Power washing is a quick and easy way to remove the scum and (most) barnacles while still being gentle on your paint.

3. Barnacle scraping – “Growth of barnacles on the bottom of your boat can significantly impact fuel usage,” says Alex Hazel, General Manager of Atlantic Marinas, “and with the high cost of fuel this boating season, that leaves most boaters with no wiggle room in their pockets.” Barnacles are relatives to crabs, lobsters, and shrimp and like settling in places with a lot of activity; therefore, moving objects like boat hulls are particularly vulnerable. Atlantic Marinas offers extensive high & dry rental spaces that allows out of water boat storage, which grants boat owners significantly less worry.

4. Acid Wash – If you long for that new car smell, you’ll love an acid wash for your boat. Boats cruising the Chesapeake and its’ rivers can easily get a brown waterline stain on the hull. An acid wash removes the waterline stain making your boat bright and clean. To increase the shine of your boat, ask about getting a polish.

5. General maintenance & enhancements – An excellent time to make minor enhancements is when your boat is out of water. You will still have the remainder of the season to enjoy; plus, you don’t have the pressure of a journey on your hands. The key to the longevity of your boat is keeping up with general maintenance.

Atlantic Marinas is passionate about taking care of our boating family and ensuring the longevity of your boat. To this end, we are pleased to offer a mid-season short haul special through August 30, 2022, for only $7 per foot that includes power washing to remove scum and [most] barnacle growth. Upon haul out, barnacle growth will be evaluated; excessive barnacles may need extra scraping. *If it’s determined that extra scraping is needed, there may be additional charges. Boats can stay in the slings for up to an hour which includes the power wash. Longer times may endure additional fees or need to be blocked. This special short haul offer is available at all three Atlantic Marinas properties (Patapsco, Magothy and Ferry Point).

In addition to the power washing, the Atlantic Marinas team can assist with most services, including cleaning intakes, wash and wax, detailing, hull washing, acid washing for waterline stain removal bottom painting, and more.

To  schedule your short haul special or to learn more about our other services, contact our office at 410.437.6926  or email

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