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As a member of Atlantic Marinas, it’s no secret that you LOVE boating and the Bay as much as we do. So, when we discovered there is an entire week dedicated to us (National Fishing and Boating Week is June 3-10, 2023), we couldn’t contain our excitement.

As boating season kicks off, this dedicated week reminds us of the great time the Bay provides and the different ways we can enjoy it with family and friends. The team at Atlantic Marinas pulled together their favorite ideas of how you can celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week.

  1. Fishing – Whether you’ve been fishing your whole life, or just picking up a pole for the first time, June is a great month to discover the thrill of fishing. If you don’t have access to a boat, there are plenty of parks that allow fishing. Be sure to determine if you need a fishing license through the link at the bottom of the page. Generally, one hundred percent of license fees go directly toward conservation and restoration.
  2. Kayak/Canoe/Paddleboard – Maryland’s unique, natural diversity makes it the perfect place for fun paddling experiences. To get the most out of your paddling trip, head out on the water when the weather is dry and warm and when the waters are calm. Always wear a life jacket (no matter what) and ensure you know the local weather forecast. Kayaks and paddleboards are generally easy to rent, so take some time to enjoy a few relaxing hours on the water with nature.
  3. Raft-Up – Plan a raft-up with old friends and bring some new friends along to enjoy a fun day on the water. Check out the RAFT-UP link at the end of this article for some great spots to drop anchor and raft-up, all located close to Severna Park, Arnold, Annapolis, and our Atlantic Marinas in Pasadena.
  4. Crabbing – You don’t even need a boat for this one as quite a few state parks in the area, such as Sandy Point, are great locations for crabbing. Check out the CRABBING article below for some quick tips if you are new to crabbing and/or have questions about crab license requirements.
  5. Bird watching – According to the National Audubon Society, “Some of Maryland’s best birding sites are national wildlife refuges on the Delmarva Peninsula, home to vast flocks of waterfowl, wading birds, and shorebirds, along with many nesting Bald Eagles.” There are quite a few varieties of birds you can spot from your boat or on dry land. Let us know what you spot when you are out.


Since these ideas all take place in the great outdoors, we are confident that some level of stress relief will likely accompany the activity. Have fun!



Fishing license:
Bird Watching:

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